Perspectives is the world’s first bilingual resource that provides insights into design created for and within huaren (Chinese-speaking) communities.

Seeing a need to shed light on this under-explored facet of the global design world, Perspectives aims to highlight the products, projects, people, and perspectives that embody huaren design today.

We seek out design-industry leaders–designers, architects, business leaders, curators, and scholars–and talk with them one-on-one to dig out their perspectives on what it means to design for and within the huaren world.

We profile products and projects designed by or for huaren (Chinese-speaking people) that incorporate the best of both widely accepted design principles from Europe and America–such as ergonomics and form-follows-function–and those influences, practices, and philosophies inherent to huaren culture.

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What is the meaning of the word huaren?

Chinese-speaking communities—more commonly referred to by Chinese speakers as 華人市場 ‘the huaren market’—constitute over a quarter of the world’s population, and are fast approaching one billion active consumers. The word 華人 (huaren)—consisting of the characters 華 (húa) meaning ‘Cathay’ or ‘China’ and 人 (rén) meaning ‘person’ or ‘people’—is a commonly held phrase used by Chinese speakers to denote individuals of ethnic Chinese origin. The term huaren  (華人) is not reserved for individuals living in China, nor for those of Chinese nationality. Instead, huaren  (華人) refers to individuals of Chinese descent no matter where they choose to live, and embodies a shared set of values and customs.

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